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What's wrong with Spellchecker

  1. SpellChecker offers only one option: check the selected text. Users would need to check an entire project by pieces.
  2. It's not quite accurate: sometimes a few mistakes are not to be found.
  3. Identifies the frame where the correction needs to be done but doesn`t highlight the mistake itself.
  4. SpellChecker doesn`t have a dictionary and an option to ignore the mistake.
  5. If the text had a specific style it will be removed to default after the correction.
  6. On large pages can become really slow.

What solution does SpellCheck offer instead

With SpellCheck for Figma, writing becomes quick and easy. An intelligent grammar and spelling plugin underlines all types of mistakes and advises the ways to improve the content within the text frame on the page or the whole project at once. Within just one click you`ll ensure that your project is free of any typos and remains consistent with a writing style and clear content. Our user-friendly interface doesn`t require time-consuming adjustment, just sign up and start checking!

What else can SpellCheck do

  • Smart grammar & spell check

    Intelligent grammar and spelling for mistake-free texts
  • Quick overview

    See all mistakes at once and correct them immediately
  • Check the whole project

    Find mistakes and typos in the text frame, on the page or check the whole project at once
  • Autocorrection feature

    Correct typos and errors in one click with that function

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